VR/AR Education Committe Highlights 2018

With 2018 almost coming to a close, we’d love to highlight some facts and figures from the year and share all the different activities released from Education Committee.

This is the story of one year team work, reflections, sharing, experiences, meetings, failures, celebrating little wins and, for sure, growth.

We have just complete our first guides, case studies, life webinars and best practices white paper.

Sometimes I feel we made a heroic effort and starting reaching out to more and more people from all over the VR/AR Educational Community. We probably sent hundreds of emails, made the social media accounts, and talked with hundreds of people in last 12 months.

Last but not least, millions of people will use VR/AR technology in Education in the next coming years. I believe we are in a good starting point, demonstrating that VR/AR Edu Committee can be a powerful platform for teachers, students and professionals to speak out and bring light to the Future of Education.

We hope this roundup inspires you to engage into the VR/AR Edu Community.

With a little «big» help from my friends !!! Julie, Kris, Molly, Pradeep, Mfon, Kevin, Josue, Mike…and many more !!!

You can dowload the complete document here:

Carlos J. Ochoa Fernández ©

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21 Megatrends for the 21 Century

I am just involved in a huge global project to identify the 21 Megatrends for the 21th Century in the most innovative and strategic sectors for the development of the future society. Project that I would like to share with all of you. Thats why I am just asking for your contributions and ideas about this sectors:

Healthcare & Bioscience, Energy, Natural Resources, Environment, Communications, IT & Social Media, Aerospace.

You only have to share your kill idea for any of the areas identify before.

All the colleges and contributors will receive a FREE copy of the study.

Thanks in advance for you support and contribution.

Carlos J. Ochoa Fernandez